Council Grove Republican sale announced 5/30/17

The sale of the Council Grove Republican, published continuously the past 145 years since the first issue on Aug. 24, 1872, has been announced by Craig McNeal, president of Council Grove Publishing Company, Inc. The sale to David Parker, Enid, Okla., is effective July 1.


The Lakes Area Review in New London, Minn., has new ownership 5/30/17

Ted and Kari Jo Almen, owners of Village Ink, of Kerkhoven, Minn., have reached an agreement with Kim and Michael Hawkenson to purchase their 6,500-circulation weekly newspaper. The purchase became effective May 26.


State police investigate bogus bomb threat to newspaper printing plant 5/30/17

The Southeast Kentucky Publishing facility contacted the Kentucky State Police and evacuated the building after receiving a bomb threat Saturday evening.


Windows shattered at Herald-Leader building; suspected bullet damage found 5/30/17

Several windows were shattered at the main office of the Lexington Herald-Leader in downtown Lexington, amid suspected signs of small-caliber bullet damage to the building.

The Herald-Leader filed a report on the damage with Lexington Police, who were at the building investigating early Monday morning.


Keeping the lines of communication open 5/30/17

By Graham Osteen, editor-at-large, The Sumter Item

Think of this as a manifesto for the future involving your local community newspaper.

Not all communities have dependable, trusted local media these days, and that's a dangerous problem across the country.

Too many people and communities are isolated, creating what are called "news deserts."

Sumter is fortunate in that regard, and we're proud to be part of an institution that has served this area since 1894.

The larger question – given the disruption of media and just about everything else in the world – is how does a local newspaper continue to serve the public, protect democracy, share history, promote advertisers and keep communities together amidst such information overload?


SNPA papers hold fast to protocols that guard against fake news 5/23/17

By Christy Oglesby, Special to the SNPA eBulletin

Like other mainstream newspapers, the Hope Star and the Times Free Press in Chattanooga hold fast to protocols that guard against the publication of fake news. Some require a minimum of three named sources for every story. Others forbid unnamed sources. Period.

With the introduction of "fake news" and "alternative facts" into the nation's lexicon, those reporting guidelines are what distinguish these newspapers from news outlets that operate without them.

From Alaska to Pennsylvania and all points in between, reputable newspapers strive to eschew fast and first to deliver only facts.


tronc makes bid for owner of Chicago Sun-Times 5/16/17

tronc, Inc. has entered into a non-binding letter of intent to acquire Wrapports Holdings, LLC, the owner of the Chicago Sun-Times and other media assets, including its minority ownership interest in digital content network business Aggrego, LLC, the alternative weekly Chicago Reader and syndicated column The Straight Dope.

The announcement comes as Wrapports, at the request of the U.S. Department of Justice's Antitrust Division, publishes notice today of its plan to sell the Sun-Times to a buyer that will continue to publish the paper.


2016 Sigma Delta Chi Award honorees 5/16/17

The Society of Professional Journalists has announced the recipients of the 2016 Sigma Delta Chi Awards for excellence in journalism.


AP, ExpertFile collaborate to connect newsrooms with expert sources 5/15/17

The Associated Press and ExpertFile have announced that they will work together to make ExpertFile's online directory of subject matter experts available to newsrooms.


Research for today's media environment 5/15/17

By Ted Stasney and Robin DiSalvo, Research Director on Demand

Since so many in the media industry today are asking their staff to do more multi-tasking, the research strategies outlined in this article may help you with your marketing and advertising sales research.

Whether your research needs are for promotion and branding initiatives, sales presentations, proposals or a request for some quick stats, start by asking these questions.