Lexington passes ordinance that newspaper vows to fight 3/6/17

By Beth Musgrave, bmusgrave@herald-leader.com

The Lexington Urban County Council approved an ordinance recently that would require businesses to put unsolicited fliers and circulars on doorsteps or mail slots or face fines.

The 9-5 vote came despite a warning from the Herald-Leader that it would sue the merged government if the ordinance was passed.

Rufus Friday, president and publisher of the Herald-Leader, said after the vote that he will "aggressively defend the Lexington Herald-Leader's First Amendment rights, which does include any infringement on the press' distribution rights."


Coverage of the Mega-Conference begins this week 2/28/17

Calkins Media was the recipient of the Mega-Innovation Award presented Friday afternoon at the Key Executives Mega-Conference.


SNPA Board approves new members 2/28/17

During its meeting last week at the Mega-Conference, the SNPA Board of Directors approved two new members.


Catching the next wave of revenues 2/28/17

Reprinted from News & Tech

Mega-Conference speaker Rick Edmonds from the Poynter institute stated that print would not reach the end of its run in the near future; it may be less frequent, however it will take decades for print to truly decline, he said. A clear mission of editorial excellence and relevancy to local readers will keep brands strong, according to Edmonds.


Mega-Conference presenters offer tips for combating ad tech fraud 2/28/17

By Cindy Durham, SNPA

Two presenters at the Key Executives Mega-Conference shared a case study showing how easy it can be for a code developer to skim display ad dollars from a newspaper's website, as well as tips for preventing this type of fraud.


McClatchy to launch video storytelling incubator 2/28/17

Video Lab West, McClatchy's new effort in the creation and consumption of digital video, is planning to arrive in the Historic Sacramento train depot, along with leading tech partners.


USA TODAY NETWORK initiates ReachLocal roll-out across all local markets 2/28/17

USA TODAY NETWORK, part of Gannett Co., Inc., has launched a phased rollout of ReachLocal to its 109 local markets in the United States. Gannett acquired ReachLocal, an innovative digital marketing solutions company, in August 2016.


Employer must pay medical premiums for strikers 2/28/17

By L. Michael Zinser, The Zinser Law Firm

On Feb. 23, in a 2-to-1 decision with Acting Chairman Miscimarra dissenting, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that an employer had to continue health insurance premiums during a strike.


WEHCO Media papers publish Statement of Core Values 2/28/17

"Impartiality means reporting, editing and delivering the news honestly, fairly, objectively, and without personal opinion or bias," states the opening paragraph of the Statement of Core Values that WEHCO Media began running in all of its newspapers on Saturday, Feb. 18.


Florida Weekly defied the odds for new start-ups and became media leader 2/28/17

By Mary Ann DeSantis, SNPA Correspondent

Just as Florida Weekly launched in 2007, the nation was headed into the "great recession." Pason Gaddis, however, did not let dire economic predictions steer him away from his vision to create a publication that would become a technological leader in Southwest Florida's media arena. As president and CEO of Florida Weekly, Gaddis spoke at the 2017 Key Executives Mega-Conference in Orlando about being a "Print Disruptor."