Ten ways any size newsroom can increase engagement 2/2/16

For years newsrooms made decisions on what to cover with little understanding of what readers really wanted. Now that has changed with analytics tools like Parse.ly and Facebook Insights. Being able to use data to direct coverage and decision making helps us connect with readers in a way we never could. We can provide them more of what they want and less of what they don't. It allows us to customize the news for them.

During the Mega-Conference, David Arkin, senior vice president of content and product development for GateHouse Media, will talk about 10 ways any size newsroom can increase engagement.


SCPA, SNPA to host weekly, daily publisher roundtables 1/26/16

South Carolina publishers: Now is the time to register for our popular annual publisher roundtables, hosted by SNPA and the South Carolina Press Association. These events are a great time to meet with your peers to discuss what is working and not working in your market.

Our Weekly Publishers Roundtable will take place on Friday, Jan. 29. The Daily Publishers Roundtable will be held Friday, Feb. 12.


Sparking Innovation: How to Turn Your Employees Into Problem Solvers 1/25/16

All innovation starts with great ideas. Julie Austin, CEO of the consulting firm Creative Innovation Group, says: "You may be number one now, but if you're not innovating, your competition is, and they will knock you out of the lead. To stay ahead you need to constantly reinvent and have new ideas ready to go."

Austin will deliver the Wednesday keynote address at the Key Executives Mega-Conference, Feb. 22-24 in Austin, Texas.


Revenue Ideas to Go! 1/25/16

Executives from media companies across the U.S. will be sharing ideas at the Key Executives Mega-Conference that brought them the most success – ideas you can take home to your own market!


Mega-Conference Break-Out Session:
Data Drives Consumer Revenue and Loyalty

Circulation and audience management is a very dynamic discipline, says Joseph Leong, vice president/chief revenue officer for the Albuquerque Journal. "The pace at which our responsibilities and goals change can be overwhelming. A tremendous opportunity for us is leveraging data-driven decisions to maximize profits. Collecting and working with data requires expertise and state-of-the-art technology."

During a Tuesday morning break-out session at next month's Key Executives Mega-Conference, Leong will tell attendees how the Albuquerque Journal collects usage and behavioral data from subscribers, from many different and fragmented sources, and funnels all that activity into one subscriber engagement database.

He will be joined during this session by Nicki Purcell, chief digital officer and senior vice president of consumer sales for The Dallas Morning News. She will talk about how the investment in connecting multiple subscriber data sources has allowed the paper to significantly lower its acquisition costs.


Bonus Session:
Driving Digital Sales

Join a lively, interactive discussion at 10 a.m. on Monday morning, Feb. 22 at the Mega-Conference, as five digital sales experts share best practices and lessons learned in growing digital revenue, covering topics from structure, acquisition and retention approaches, and how to find and keep the best digital sales people.

Moderated by Marty Goodnight of InboundStar, this session also will include: Patrick Acton, digital sales director, Austin American-Statesman; Sheree Brockway, director of digital and strategic sales, The McClatchy Co. and Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Todd Handy, vice president, publisher development, Tout; and Jay Horton, principal consultant, Digital Who.

Goodnight said: "As an experienced sales leader, I look forward to surfacing and exploring the critical topics from our digital experts that offer immediate and long-term strategic ideation for newspaper executives. Expect a lively and thought-provoking session."

Handy said his goal for the session is to "convincingly argue why digital publishers need to once and for all make the move to separate digital teams and stop relying on integrated teams. I plan to do that by sharing actual case studies and real sales numbers."

After leading many client acquisition initiatives in small, mid and large markets, Brockway said a very clear formula for success emerged. She said, "During this session, I will share key strategies used to successfully acquire and retain new digital advertisers."


SNPA, FPA, FSNE to host joint convention in September 1/4/16

SNPA will host a combined convention (News Industry Summit) this year with the Florida Press Association and Florida Society of News Editors. The conference will be held Sept. 14-16 at the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota.

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.


Break-Out Session:
Engage Your Auto Dealers!

Bill Bradley and Roger Castillo, co-founders of Share Lift, will share insights into local auto dealers' challenges, needs and co-op requirements during a Monday afternoon break-out session at the Key Executives Mega-Conference in February. They also will talk about ways newspapers can engage their dealers to gain a greater investment of their dollars.


Mega-Conference Break-Out Session:
Political Advertising

What's being done (and can be done) by newspapers to gain new political advertising dollars? Find out during a Tuesday morning break-out session at the Key Executives Mega-Conference in February.

Rusty Coats, executive director of the Local Media Consortium, will discuss the national programmatic effort, and John Kimball of the John Kimball Group will outline the opportunity on the local/regional level. Listen to plans underway and hear about successful outcomes from having a focused effort.


Innovation unlocks new opportunities 12/7/15

A good portion of Julie Austin's days are spent working with small businesses, especially bricks and mortar stores, on how to compete and stay ahead of the curve in a time when change is so rapid.

Austin, CEO of the consulting firm Creative Innovation Group, will deliver the Wednesday keynote address at the Key Executives Mega-Conference, Feb. 22-24 in Austin, Texas.

She says there is a lot of resistance to being the first to jump off the cliff and try something new.