Revenue Stage: Best practices for driving new and incremental revenue 2/15/17

Do your customers know who their best customers are? Would you like to show them how to find other customers that look like their best customers? And, learn how to market more effectively to those potential customers?


Revenue ideas that you can use 2/14/17

Tom Claybaugh, publisher of the Asheville (N.C.) Citizen-Times, will share information at the Key Executives Mega-Conference about a simple and scalable turnkey activity tracking system that has had a significant impact on the paper's revenue. He'll share information based on an 18-month history of performance.

Learn about this E-Board tracking system, as well as other revenue ideas that you can implement at your newspaper, during a Friday, Feb. 24, General Session led by Claybaugh and Guy Tasaka, chief digital officer of Calkins Digital.

Tasaka will lay out the case for monetizing OTT, sharing the success stories of Calkins' local media properties. Calkins was an early adopter and has been working on a video and OTT strategy for more than three years. The company has launched several of the most innovative and successful local media properties in the country.


Changing the Local Media Narrative 2/7/17

"Amidst this free-for-all, fake-news social media era, local media has an opportunity to shine," says Brad Thatcher, CEO of Thatcher+Co. "To do so, local media MUST tell its story well."

During the Key Executives Mega-Conference, which opens Feb. 23 in Orlando, this PR expert who has spent the past year collecting information and interviewing media executives will offer a compelling view on what it will take to reinvent the local media opportunity.


Innovations in Selling 2/3/17

Automated marketing, social selling, best practices and success stories will wrap up the Revenue Stage offerings at this year's Key Executives Mega-Conference.


Revenue: A Digital Darling for Women 1/31/17

StyleBlueprint is the South's fastest growing digital lifestyle brand, anchored by its daily publications in Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, and in a Southern edition. StyleBlueprint also produces a successful deal program, the SB App, and the SB Guide, a digital resource of the best businesses in Nashville, Birmingham, Louisville and Memphis.

On Friday, Feb. 24, at the Key Executives Mega-Conference, the founders of StyleBlueprint will share how they win the hearts and minds of women and the pocketbooks of advertisers in the local communities they serve.


The Science of Storytelling 1/25/17

Stories are an art. But, like art, there is technique behind all the great works.

During a Friday afternoon breakout session at the Mega-Conference, Matt Sheehan, director of stories and emerging platforms in the College of Journalism & Communications at the University of Florida, will examine and review what science and research tell us about what resonates, what may not work as well as we expect and how you could design content to break through.


Breakthrough Success: Radically Improve Your Sales Staffs' 'Win Rates' 1/24/17

A special Saturday-only rate of $250 is being offered at the Mega-Conference to enable newspapers to send their sales staffs to this training program.


Shifting Video from a Product to a Strategy 1/24/17

How can newspapers turn video from a product to an organizational strategy and monetize it?


A publisher event you should not miss 1/24/17

The 2017 Carmage Walls Leadership Forum in Chapel Hill is "a game changer." This unique event is SNPA's premier program for the publishers and owners of small newspapers – and an extraordinary way to kick-start your year.


Consumer Audience Data-Driven Revenue 1/16/17

The first of three Revenue Stage presentations during next month's Key Executives Mega-Conference will focus on Consumer Audience Data-Driven Revenue.