The New Generation CRM: Adams Publishing Group 1/28/19

CRM is not just a software tool; it's a strategy. On Monday morning at the Mega-Conference, hear how Adams Publishing Group has deployed a CRM strategy that has enabled the company to improve the quality of each customer interaction and maximize the profitability of customer relationships.


Do you know who else is selling services to your SMBs? 1/24/19

Software as a Service (SaaS)-based cloud services have introduced a plethora of new capabilities to small businesses related to HR, payments, accounting, payroll, marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and much more. As these technologies become more affordable, small businesses are taking advantage. And when they do, these technology companies may just be squeezing your sales team out.

Charles Laughlin, project leader, Tech Adoption Index, Local Search Association, will address the Mega-Conference during a Monday afternoon breakout session. He says it's important to ensure that your newspaper isn't left in the cold. Your staff needs to know who's out there and learn what they are selling to your advertising clients.


Gannett's raising its IQ to outsmart local competition 1/23/19

As local advertising spend continues to rise, delivering the leading marketing and advertising solutions have never been more important.

On Tuesday at the Mega-Conference, Paras Maniar, President Local, Gannett | USA TODAY NETWORK, will talk about how Gannett has been innovating to offer local advertisers more effective and creative ways to connect to its audience in local communities across the country.


Podcasting trends, opportunities and best practices 1/22/19

Podcasting has been around for more than a decade but has seen explosive growth the last few years as smartphones and smart speakers have become ubiquitous media devices. Podcast ad revenue has nearly doubled in the last two years to $314 million since 2017, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which projects revenue to double again by 2020.

If this content distribution channel is not in your strategic plan, maybe one of the Tuesday morning breakout sessions at the Mega-Conference will change your mind.

Laura Rich, host of The Exit Club, a podcast about entrepreneurs, and founder of The Podcasting Agency, which develops engaging audio content for marketers, will be talking with media professionals about best practices in podcast marketing, from content and distribution to technology and advertising options.


Publishers will find solutions to industry concerns on Mega's Solutions Stage 1/21/19

A dozen presentations to be made on the Solutions Stage during the 2019 Key Executives Mega-Conference have been announced. Topics are wide-ranging, touching on numerous hot topics facing newspaper publishers today.

Some great discounts exist for newspapers and newspaper corporate offices that send multiple attendees. You'll want multiple attendees at the Mega-Conference to take advantage of the many topics that will be presented in the various breakout sessions.

View the list of Solutions Stage topics.


Leaders in transformation 1/18/19

It's not necessarily the strongest who survive and thrive, but those who adapt the most quickly to the changes in the market. The Tuesday morning general session at the Mega-Conference will feature the leaders of the companies that are adapting the fastest. What's their secret? How are they able to move the needle as other companies have failed?


Mega-Conference Roundtables:
The best ideas on the hottest topics

You'll want to stay until Wednesday morning at this year's Mega-Conference. We have the hottest topics set for our Roundtable sessions so bring your burning questions and come ready to learn the best ideas in the industry.


Trust in news -- and the fight against misinformation 1/15/19

In the news industry, trust is the brand. The assault on journalistic values and integrity pervades digital media and the 24-hour news cycle of cable news. To play its vital role in democracy, newsrooms must rebuild their relationships with the public and show who and what is behind the journalism they produce.

On Tuesday afternoon at the Mega-Conference, Sally Lehrman, CEO and founder of The Trust Project, will look at what's being done, how effective efforts have been in growing trust and how this helps the business.


Terry Egger to deliver keynote address at Mega-Conference 1/14/19

The Philadelphia Inquirer, as a Public Benefit Corporation, in conjunction with The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, is transforming into a media company totally focused on the needs of customers.

During a Mega-Conference keynote address on Feb. 25 by Terry Egger, publisher and CEO of the Philadelphia Media Network, hear how the newspaper is driving consumer revenue through digital subscriptions, membership and philanthropy in pursuit of a sustainable business model to support journalism and its mission.


A comprehensive portrait of the modern news consumer 1/5/19

As the news environment and technology has changed rapidly, so have the behavior, attitudes and expectations of the American news consumer. Any news publisher aiming to sell subscriptions or grow an audience must understand some fundamental new realities about the ways people now consume and purchase news.

Research by the American Press Institute, as part of the Media Insight Project, has steadily uncovered new insights about news consumers, such as whether people seek out news or bump into it accidentally, reasons people pay for news, which devices and news sources people use for different situations, how people really think about "trust" in news, and the ways young adults are different or similar to previous generations.

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, at the Mega-Conference, API Deputy Executive Director Jeff Sonderman will highlight the most important of these ways that news consumers are changing and explain the new strategies and opportunities this presents for news publishers.

Sonderman says: "The key objectives many publishers are facing these days, such as growing and retaining subscribers and reaching bigger audiences, depend on understanding modern news consumers. The American Press Institute has worked with publishers to explore some of the most pressing questions – like how trust really works, how young people get news, and who will pay for news and why. We'll share some of the insights you can apply in your business today."