Why you need to be in Colorado Springs September 10-12 8/14/17

You know that this is the first ever joint Annual Meeting between SNPA and Inland. That makes this an historic opportunity to meet new colleagues and hear new ideas. However, that's just one of the compelling reasons this is a must-attend meeting.

Here are nine more reasons!


Going the Digital Agency Route: Two solutions, two success stories 8/8/17

One-size-fits-all is no more true in digital services agency business models than in any other industry revenue initiative. This session at the SNPA-Inland Annual Meeting looks at two approaches to digital agencies: the single-location, high-end and local fulfillment service model represented by The Oklahoman's BigWing, and the multi-location, SMB-focused, local fulfillment service model that WEHCO Digital Media's Flypaper is pursuing.

No matter the approach, this session will tackle the questions most on publishers' minds: How are the agencies structured and built – and are they profitable?


Print First: Strategies that are growing print volumes 8/8/17

During next month's SNPA-Inland Annual Meeting, Aaron Kotarek will discuss how the Honolulu Star-Advertiser has bucked the national trend over the past five years to grow overall print volumes through a diversified product portfolio approach using print centric strategies and tactics.

For those who still believe in the future of print, this is a must-attend session.


Getting Paid for Your Digital Content: A New Vision 8/1/17

Here's a compelling reason to come to Colorado, Sept. 10-12.

Entrepreneur Jim McKelvey, the founder of Square, will propose an innovative micro payment system at The Broadmoor that would sustainably monetize digital content for media companies. If you are there, your company can take advantage of this innovative solution.


A dozen revenue ideas to pump up your bottom line 7/27/17

Between them, SNPA and Inland have a literal wealth of great revenue-generating ideas. At next month's SNPA - Inland Annual Meeting, Tom Yunt will lead a free-wheeling session highlighting ideas that are working right now – and that can translate into new revenue for your organizations.

Register today for this Sept. 10-12 special event.


Meeting the Challenge: The Shifting Nature of our Business 7/19/17

There's been no more exciting story in the newspaper industry than the renaissance of The Washington Post, now recognized as a journalism and business model of digital innovation.

And Jeremy Gilbert is right at the center of this transformation. He's The Post's director of strategic initiatives, and responsible for crafting the innovative strategies to deliver great storytelling over digital platforms.

During an SNPA - Inland Annual Meeting general session, Jeremy Gilbert will relate how he collaborates with journalists, technicians, engineers and advertising and marketing departments to find new ways to deliver those digital experiences in The Post's tradition of high-quality journalism – while delivering innovation for advertisers.

Register today for this Sept. 10-12 special event.


Reserve your hotel room for 2017 Annual Meeting right away 7/17/17

If you have not reserved your hotel room at The Broadmoor for the Sept. 10-12 Annual Meeting sponsored by SNPA and Inland Press Association, you need to do this right away. Rooms are nearly sold out.

We have an outstanding program planned for this year's Annual Meeting. You – and your key department heads – need to be there.

Topics on the agenda will focus on brand marketing, print and digital innovation. Read this story for a list of conference topics.


Colorado Press to be co-sponsor of 2017 Annual Meeting 7/6/17

The Colorado Press Association will join the Inland Press Association and Southern Newspaper Publishers Association as a co-sponsor of the 2017 Annual Meeting, to be held September 10-12 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colo.


What media professionals can learn from General Patton 6/27/17

By Bob Provost, Distinguished Executive In Residence, Rutgers Business School, Newark, N.J.

While cost cutting may lead to savings, it is not the path to success. Only when an organization embraces constructive change(s) by strategically investing in future growth can the organization be said to have a winning strategy.


How YouTube is partnering with publishers to grow revenue, audience 6/26/17

Uzo Ometu, a YouTube News partnerships manager, will provide strategic insights for distribution, programming and monetization on YouTube during a general session program at the SNPA-Inland Annual Meeting in September.

He will provide examples of how local news partners have extended their reach both within their markets and across the globe, as a means of achieving greater scale. He also will discuss innovative formats local news publishers are using to program their channels and develop a deeper, more engaged relationship with their audience.