Brehm Communications signs with Presteligence for My News 360 platform 4/22/19

Six publications owned by Brehm Communications have deployed Presteligence's My News 360 platform for their editorial front-end system, website, e-edition and mobile apps.


What to do with too many images 4/16/19

By Edward McCain, digital curator of journalism, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute

Getting rid of the bad stuff isn't easy. Going through 1,000 or 10,000 "outtakes" of photos requires people and time. Can we create a system that automatically disposes of lower quality images while keeping enough so that an editor has flexibility in future publishing?


AI isn't taking journalists' jobs. It is making them smarter and more efficient 4/16/19

By Jim Flink, consultant to the Reynolds Journalism Institute

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are already transforming news operations in ways unimaginable even several months ago, much of it transformative and positive. Among the changes AI is helping implement: Customized content, improved reader/viewer/listener/user relationships, moderating and policing comment sections, and creating more efficient workflows.


Shorter is better 4/16/19

By Ed Henninger

So ... how does design affect readability? And how does writing affect design?

Take a look at the two stories in the illustration with this column. Which do you think will be read by more readers?

Well, the one on the right, of course!

The short paragraphs make that story more appealing because readers understand a simple truth about writing: Shorter is better.


AP to fact-check video, Spanish-language content on Facebook 4/9/19

The Associated Press is expanding its robust efforts to debunk false and misleading information, including in video and Spanish-language content appearing on Facebook.

With a focus on Spanish-language text, photos and video seen by a U.S. audience, AP will debunk misinformation and publish corresponding fact checks in Spanish. AP is the first fact-checker in Facebook's program to focus on content consumed by Spanish speakers in the U.S.


Findlay Courier to use My News 360 for editorial production 4/9/19

Presteligence has announced that Findlay Publishing Company (Ohio) will implement My News 360 Platform for its editorial system, website, e-edition and mobile apps.

Findlay Courier, Review Times and three radio stations will share a database allowing content to be written one time and easily distributed among the sister sites. As a fully-hosted service, staff can write and post content from their desktop or mobile device, including news stories, photos, videos and audio files. Each reporter can have their own queue to save working drafts and ideas.


A Trusting News analysis: What news consumers say they trust 4/9/19

By Joy Mayer

Fundamentally, news consumers trust journalism that they find to be balanced, in-depth, honest and reputable.

Those qualities appeared over and over in an analysis of 81 in-depth interviews our newsroom partners conducted with members of their communities. And when asked directly about what defines quality journalism, they were at the top of the list.


How to use analytics to identify and build a popular new beat 4/2/19

Here's an idea to steal and adapt: The Virginian-Pilot used data to find a new beat topic to reach new audiences. Now, the beat is consistently one of the highest-performing in the newsroom.


Mobile microlearning works! Sample the first course in digital journalism delivered to your phone 3/18/19

By Linda Austin, project director of the Associated Press Media Editors’ NewsTrain and an RJI Fellow

Three-quarters of the journalists who responded to a recent survey conducted by an RJI Fellow supported the idea of bite-size lessons delivered via smartphone.


SNPA columnist is co-author of writing book 3/13/19

A 2019 third edition of "The Writer's Toolbox: Blueprints for Successful Communicators" is now available to help journalists improve their craft. Longtime SNPA columnist Randy Hines, a University of North Georgia professor, is co-author of the book, published by Kendall Hunt.