A look back on 200 years at KBA 8/22/17

August 9 marks the 200th anniversary of Koenig & Bauer AG’s founding. In the past 200 years, the company has expanded beyond manufacturing presses and evolved into a global operation with a portfolio of products.

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Jeffrey Dietz accepts new role with KBA North America 4/4/17

KBA North America announces the appointment of Jeffrey R. Dietz as the new vice president of its Web and Specialty Press division.


Axel Springer awards service contract to PrintHouseService GmbH 1/17/17

In the upcoming three years PrintHouseService GmbH (PHS) is to check, maintain and if necessary, replace the bearers and cylinder bearings on all 18 Colorman rotary presses at Axel Springer SE's Ahrensburg, Berlin and Essen sites.

Predictive maintenance based on smart data analysis is gaining ground in many sectors of industry. Predictive maintenance (PM) is a development of traditional maintenance strategies and a vital element of Industry 4.0 and KBA 4.0. environments. The condition of cylinder bearings on the presses can be accurately established thanks to the unique bearing analysis performed by KBA subsidiary PHS. The method is based on measuring movement. Possible damage to cylinder bearings can thus be precisely located, while signs of wear are detected before printing problems occur. Consequential damage such as defective cylinder journals or gears is avoided. Downtimes and repair costs can be duly and accurately defined. PHS also performs checking and setting of the highly loaded bearers on the impression cylinders. The condition and setting of these bearers is crucial to good printing quality.

As a subsidiary of Koenig & Bauer AG, PHS focuses on service and commissioned work on non-KBA Group rotary presses.

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