Leveraging a customer data platform to drive subscriber growth & diversify revenue 2/1/19

Customer data is the foundation for strategically planning, executing and optimizing audience growth and revenue diversification efforts. Unifying, analyzing and deploying all available customer intelligence to optimize a customer journey that is perfectly engineered for each individual – transporting that consumer efficiently from awareness to paid customer status – is essential to financial viability.

At the Mega-Conference, hear how GateHouse Media's investment in customer data is not only supporting digital subscription growth, but is impacting revenue diversification initiatives across the enterprise. Learn how The Dallas Morning News is leveraging marketing automation to fund and enrich digital transformation efforts by extending the print runway.


Neice Bell returns to New Braunfels as publisher 10/30/18

Neice Bell, one-time publisher of the Herald-Zeitung has returned to New Braunfels, Texas, to oversee the newspaper. The announcement was made by Southern Newspapers Inc. President Dolph Tillotson.

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