LNP buys NewsXtreme Workflow 3/11/19

Presteligence has announced that LNP (Lancaster, Penn.) has purchased NewsXtreme Prepress Production Workflow Solutions to manage its print production.


SNPA congratulates Ted McGrew of Southern Lithoplate 9/12/17

Ted McGrew of Southern Lithoplate was honored with the Inland Press Association's Ray Carlsen Distinguished Service Award at the Inland-SNPA Annual Meeting this week.

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Southern Lithoplate’s consulting services help newspapers generate new profits 10/24/16

Southern Lithoplate is known in the industry as a supplier of digital and analog lithoplates to more than 1,800 newspaper and commercial printers across the U.S. and around the world. Now, the company is offering a new service called SLP Solutions, a one-stop-shop for service and support for all prepress and press service and support needs.

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Strategic partnerships help SNPA members save money, grow revenue 4/12/16

SNPA's strategic partnership program helps member newspapers cut costs, grow revenue and access essential benchmarking data. Additional partnerships are in development to further expand the program.

If a newspaper takes advantage of any one of these services, the newspaper can save more money every year than it spends on SNPA dues. It quite literally pays to be a member of SNPA.

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How do strategic alliances create value for customers? 4/30/14

By Steve Mattingly, senior vice president, Southern Lithoplate, Inc.

Strategic alliances can help manufacturers and suppliers serve their customers through guaranteed continuity and quality of supply. Alliances enable the partners to deploy labor and materials more effectively. In addition, Alliance partners are able to collaborate on bringing new production-enhancing technologies to the market.

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