Tips for today's media research landscape 4/9/19

By Ted Stasney and Robin DiSalvo - Research Director On Demand

A major challenge in today's media world is holding on to your staff, specifically experienced personnel. This is especially true in the media industry, which includes print, radio and broadcast with marketing and research staff.

Today's media sales teams are taking more responsibility for revenue by delivering more strategic recommendations and striving to close more business quickly. Having marketing research resources achieves this efficiently by embracing the shift from market research as an expense or a cost center to a revenue generator.

Since so many in the media industry are asking their staff to do more multi-tasking, Research Director On Demand suggests the following tips to help you with your marketing and advertising sales research.


Measure of your local economy: A key sales indicator 3/11/19

By Ted Stasney and Robin DiSalvo - Research Director On Demand

Surveys that measure consumers' confidence in the economy are a vital benchmark of economic development.

By asking a few key questions in a survey about your local economy and consumers' future spending, your survey can be an important resource for your branding and marketing initiatives.


Audience Research: An investment to grow your revenue 2/19/19

By Ted Stasney and Robin DiSalvo, Research Director On Demand

We often hear that media companies, especially print, are not doing much research, including audience and readership surveys. This includes important research on who reads and uses their print and digital products.

Some common reasons we hear why media companies do not use research include:
  • Lack of budget.
  • No research or marketing department support.
  • No staff to analyze data and interpret research findings.
  • Low priority compared to other items.
  • Newspaper/media company too small to do research.
  • No need to, it's an expense.
Newspapers without research departments or resources can still have audience and readership surveys that provide valuable information for both the news and advertising departments. It does not need a large budget. The results can enhance credibility and generate revenue.

Knowing your customers -- a 2019 priority 1/22/19

By Ted Stasney, Research Director On Demand
Knowing who your customers are has many lasting benefits. For example, knowing your customers will:

  • Build better customer relations
  • Provide better understanding of their needs
  • Retain customers
  • Enhance your CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Optimize your revenue and profits

Research study seeks partners 3/21/17

Research Director On Demand is looking for partners on its national survey to learn more about Millennials and their media habits. The object of the research will be a better understanding of this massive generation, including media usage, sources of information, content preferences and newspaper readership drivers.


Learning from readership surveys 8/4/14

By Jane Nicholes

As this readership series concludes, we look at common results that publishers have found and the importance of planning before you embark on a study.


Affordable readership research 6/24/14

By Jane Nicholes

Over the next few weeks, SNPA will look at ways newspapers can conduct valuable readership surveys that enhance credibility and generate revenue, without it requiring a large expenditure.


Marketing - Analytics - Insights applies for membership 6/3/14

Through a service called Research Director on Demand, Ted Stasney's firm offers full market and media research services.

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