Scripps Howard Awards entries open Dec. 1; midterm elections is Topic of the Year 11/19/18

The Scripps Howard Awards, one of the nation's most prestigious American journalism competitions, will accept entries from Dec. 1 to Feb. 8 for reporting and storytelling that gives light and changes lives.


McClatchy announces 12 President's Awards for journalism excellence 4/10/18

McClatchy has announced 12 President's Awards for journalists who held officials accountable, forced transparency into dark corners of government and told stories that connected with millions of readers around the U.S. in original, compelling and essential ways.

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The Dallas Morning News earns four first-place awards from the National Headliner Awards Competition 4/24/17

The Dallas Morning News earned 14 honors from the National Headliner Awards competition, including four first-place awards. This annual contest is one of the oldest and largest of its kind to recognize journalistic merit in the communications industry.

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