Sell ads around a unique concept 7/14/14

Submitted by Pat Taylor, ad director, The Pilot, Southern Pines, N.C.

Wonder & Joy: Instead of selling ads ROI, Pat Taylor and his staff in Southern Pines, N.C., focus on selling advertising into one holiday package.


Share your best sales strategies for growing holiday revenue 6/10/14

What's your best idea for recapturing the wonder and joy of the holiday season? Share your ideas on Content That Works' Facebook page and check back often for holiday marketing ideas and sales strategies.


Content That Works offers new holiday gift guide content 9/19/13

This year, Holiday Gift Guide clients have the option to localize/customize their gift guides with Local Spotlight, a new custom content solution from Content That Works.


Capitalize on holidays with online promotions 6/4/13

By Matt Coen, president and co-founder, Second Street

Take advantage of holidays that lend themselves to special promotions – and lay out a yearly calendar to show advertisers BEFORE they set their ad budgets.

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