Second Street acquires Niche Media 5/21/19

Second Street has acquired Niche Media, which runs events dedicated to helping niche publishers generate new and additional revenue.

This acquisition further expands Second Street's role as a disseminator of best practices in media revenue and audience engagement. Second Street currently offers numerous resources including the Second Street Lab, Summit, sales workshops, webinars and playbooks to complement its audience engagement software platform.


Putting people in the paper 3/19/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

When The Greeneville Sun published its "Around the Clock" special section last year, it not only made money but readers and advertisers asked for more. The paper obliged.

General Manager John Cash describes the section as featuring "ordinary people doing everyday things." That's all it is: photos of people taken over the course of a day. Only now it's a quarterly special section called "Around the Town."

"I think what people really liked is these are people who would never get their picture in the paper, probably," Cash said. "These are just every day, normal folks, doing whatever they do at work and during all hours of the day and night."


Richmond Startup Spotlight e-newsletter launching to focus on the growing entrepreneurial community 9/10/18

The Times-Dispatch is expanding coverage with the Richmond Startup Spotlight e-newsletter every Sunday morning.


Taking back local advertising with targeted local niche guides 12/12/17

Gone are the days when publishers can safely depend on local businesses for recurring advertising spends, or someone selling their car would look to the newspaper first. Phil Pracht, product manager of, says; "It's time to confront these issues head-on, and pivot."

During a presentation on the Mega-Conference Solutions Stage in February, Pracht will be talking about local niche guides, which he says "offer an exciting opportunity to take back SMBs in a way that's unique and, more importantly sustainable."

The Mega-Conference will be held Feb. 26-28 in San Diego, Calif.

Register for the Mega-Conference


Targeting the spenders 10/17/17

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

Even a successful publication needs retooling now and then, and that's what's happening with her™, a magazine published by the Telegraph Herald in Dubuque, Iowa.

Currently, her™ is inserted into the newspaper eight times a year and specialized issues are published separately twice a year. The magazine is also placed in 300 high-traffic areas such as restaurants, health clubs, spas and office waiting rooms.


100-page magazine celebrates Galveston's 175th anniversary 2/11/14

By Sean Ireland, Special to the SNPA eBulletin

Five months of planning went into a magazine celebrating Galveston's 175th anniversary. It paid off with subscribers and advertisers alike, generating $40,000 in gross revenue. Samples of the magazine are available to SNPA members upon request.


Church directories generate 100% new revenue 1/9/14

This simple, but effective idea, generated $12,000 in income for a daily newspaper in Virginia. And, it helped the paper further relationships with local pastors.


Blueberry Festival Magazine 12/19/13

The StarNews of Wilmington, N.C., earned $27,000 in revenue with the 10th anniversary Blueberry Festival Magazine. Learn what was key to the success.


Cause-marketing sections earn goodwill and $85,000 in Richmond 12/5/13

Second-place honors in SNPA's Best Revenue Contest go to The Times-Dispatch in Richmond for its cause-marketing sections, which are generating goodwill in the community and added revenue for the paper.

The success of the paper's program is largely due to the relationships the staff has built with decision-makers at organizations throughout the community.


Deluxe print performance at The Dallas Morning News 12/5/13

By Jane Nicholes

This high-end lifestyle magazine in Dallas focuses on really, really affluent audiences. Some 95,000 copies are distributed monthly. About half are delivered with Sunday editions of The Dallas Morning News to specific ZIP codes.

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