Beyond problem-solving: Leading through the chaos and setting the course 8/7/18

The strategic plan developed by the SNPA Board of Directors encourages the creation of a publisher development program based on what members have identified as a training void in our industry.

Publishers attending the News Industry Summit in Nashville, Oct. 10-12, will get a taste of this new initiative.

Tom Silvestri, president and publisher of the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch and chairman of SNPA's Executive Development Committee, said the committee "has outlined an approach and invited The Poynter Institute to help create such a program for SNPA members." Any program created would require SNPA Board approval.

He said an expanded segment at the fall SNPA conference in Nashville will "provide a sample of what such a development program could be."

He added, "This live demonstration will focus on helping current publishers and publishers-to-be lead through the chaos and uncertainty to constantly anticipate what's next and have the wherewithal to turn possibilities into positive results. You won't get a certificate for completing the Poynter-led overview, but you'll help SNPA further refine a development program that we hope will be career-changing for our publisher members."

Neil Brown, president of The Poynter Institute, will lead the segment at the News Industry Summit.


SNPA's News Industry Summit will be in Nashville; you need to be there! 4/24/18

SNPA is headed to Nashville, Tenn., this fall – the first time our News Industry Summit has been held in Music City! Dates are Oct. 10-12.


Keeping community newspapers relevant 10/4/16

By Mary Ann DeSantis, Special to the SNPA eBulletin

Inventor Johannes Gutenberg failed 20 times when creating the printing press, but he saw its value. In comparison, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had followers within six hours because he understood social media's value.

The message that community newspapers also add great value to communities was one that presenter Penelope Muse Abernathy stressed during her "Thriving in a Networked Age" session at the 2016 News Industry Summit, held in September in Sarasota, Fla.


The Sun-Sentinel became more digital by getting rid of digital 9/26/16

By Mary Ann DeSantis, Special to the SNPA eBulletin

South Florida's Sun-Sentinel has been cited as having one of the country's most innovative newsrooms when it comes to integrating digital and print journalism. Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Howard Saltz told attendees at the 2016 News Industry Summit how getting rid of the newspaper's separate digital "team" resulted in a forward-thinking, fully integrated newsroom with a "reader-first" mentality.


How to make money with digital 9/26/16

By Mary Ann DeSantis, Special to the SNPA eBulletin

Refocusing on the basics was an important part of the Observer Media Group's plan for increasing digital revenue, Publisher Emily Walsh said during her how-to session at the 2016 News Industry Summit.

Those basics have included three markets:

Digital Display – banner-rich ads on website

Email Marketing – with eNewsletters and dedicated eBlasts

Social Media – primarily sponsored Facebook posts


Using data visualization to tell a story 9/26/16

By Mary Ann DeSantis, Special to the SNPA eBulletin

Reporting data can often be boring for readers but it doesn't have to be, according to three up-and-coming journalists who presented a Data Visualization session at the recent News Industry Summit. Eli Murray and Nathaniel Lash, both of the Tampa Bay Times, along with Kara Dapena of the Miami Herald explained how data visualization provides insights to stories and offered tips for finding the right tools and people.


Attracting non-readers takes a maestro 9/19/16

By Mary Ann DeSantis, Special to the SNPA eBulletin

Author and presenter Tim Harrower knows how to capture an audience's attention. His colorful and eye-catching visuals during his Writing for Non-Readers sessions at the News Industry Summit captivated writers, editors and designers looking for ideas to engage more readers, especially those who are typically non-readers.


Awards to be announced Thursday 9/12/16

Watch for a special edition of the SNPA eBulletin on Friday of this week.

Friday's edition will feature newly elected officers, directors and trustees of SNPA and the SNPA Foundation, as well as winners of the SNPA Photo/Video Contest, Carmage Walls Commentary Prize and Print Quality Contest.

And, you'll learn who the 2016 Frank W. Mayborn Leadership Award was presented to at the Thursday morning Awards Breakfast.


'How to' instructions for digital strategies to be offered at Summit 8/1/16

Feeling digitally dumb? Don't worry, we all do. Things change far too quickly in the digital space with Google and Facebook changing its algorithms almost every quarter.

Over the last year, Observer Media Group in Sarasota, Fla., decided to refocus on some basic digital offerings with unique selling propositions that offer profitable results. Get real "how to" instructions on implementing these products and strategies at the 2016 News Industry Summit, Sept. 14-16 in Sarasota.


Scenario Planning: The kind of thinking that can change your future 7/25/16

Newspaper companies aren’t the only ones that need to figure out how to replace declining revenues. Even giants like Procter & Gamble always have products in decline and products that need to be replaced.

So how does P&G plan to replace lost revenue – and how can newspaper companies do the same? And when they do, where can they get the money needed to bring on new sources of revenue?

Steve Gray will explain the P&G model and offer a pragmatic strategy by which your company could fund its own needed new revenue initiatives. Don't miss this session at the News Industry Summit, set for Sept. 14-16 in Sarasota.

Gray is vice president of strategy and innovation with Morris Communications in Augusta, Ga., where he has worked since 2009.