Russian complaint against AP to be heard by media council 9/23/19

The Associated Press has agreed to accept the jurisdiction of Russia's press council in a dispute between the news agency and the head of the country's elections commission.

The dispute stems from an Aug. 29 story by a Moscow correspondent based largely on an interview with elections commission chairwoman Ella Pamfilova.


AP environment series asks: 'What Can Be Saved?' 9/16/19

The Associated Press will roll out a series of in-depth, multimedia stories beginning today that will chronicle 12 examples of intense efforts being waged around the world to save or revive ecosystems, reversing some of humankind’s most destructive past actions and preserving vital natural habitats on Earth.


AP publishes Apollo 11 biography for 50th anniversary 7/23/19

The Associated Press has published "Apollo 11: An AP Special Anniversary Edition" to mark the 50th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing.

The biography explores how the U.S. forged the necessary technology during the turbulent 1960s to allow man to set foot on the moon. It remembers those who sacrificed to make the great enterprise succeed.


AP, GNI to build tool to help local newsrooms collaborate 7/8/19

The Associated Press is launching a pilot project aimed at increasing local news coverage and improving the way member news organizations collaborate with one another.

With support from the Google News Initiative, AP will build an online tool that enables members to share their coverage plans to more efficiently cover local news.

It will also allow participating news organizations to share their journalism, increasing the amount of local news stories in their communities.


Health and science chapter debuts in 2019 AP Stylebook 6/3/19

The Associated Press has released the 2019 edition of The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law, which includes more than 200 new or revised entries and a new chapter on health and science journalism.

The 2019 Stylebook includes entries that are new and comprises additions and changes made throughout the year on AP Stylebook Online, such as new and expanded guidance on race-related terms announced in March.


AP to present VoteCast results at AAPOR polling conference 5/14/19

The Associated Press and NORC at the University of Chicago will present the results of AP VoteCast, the new standard in election research, at the American Association for Public Opinion Research conference in Toronto on Saturday.

AP VoteCast captures the opinions and preferences of voters as they choose who to vote for, along with the reasons behind their decision. Developed with NORC, VoteCast is a modern approach to public opinion research designed to deliver a broad and more accurate picture of the American electorate than ever before.

The presentations at the AAPOR conference, which will be livestreamed, will include a detailed report assessing the success of AP VoteCast's debut in the 2018 U.S. midterm elections.

AP and NORC are committed to transparency in conducting AP VoteCast and sharing the results returned by its innovative methodology for peer and academic review.

As part of that commitment, the 2018 AP VoteCast data is now available for download.


James Martinez appointed to new AP investigative role 5/6/19

James Martinez, an editor who oversaw a key Trump coverage team and who has led some of the biggest breaking news stories in the United States, has been appointed to a new role with The Associated Press' investigative team.


AP joins global initiative to expand reporting on religion 4/30/19

The Associated Press is joining with the Religion News Service and the nonprofit publisher The Conversation to form a global initiative to expand news reporting on religion in the United States and around the world.

The collaboration is being funded by an 18-month, $4.9 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to the Religion News Service's parent organization, the nonprofit Religion News Foundation. The grant represents one of the biggest investments in religion news coverage in decades.


The Advocate wins first Pulitzer Prize for reporting that helped change Louisiana's nonunanimous jury law 4/15/19

The Advocate of Baton Rouge, La., was awarded its first Pulitzer Prize Monday for reporting on the racial impacts of Louisiana's unique laws allowing juries to convict defendants without a unanimous verdict.

The Advocate's coverage set the stage for Louisiana's voters to amend the state constitution, seven months later, to demand unanimous verdicts in criminal cases.

SNPA director Judi Terzotis is the president of The Advocate.

Monday's award marks the first Pulitzer Prize in the state since 2006, when The Times-Picayune received two for its courageous coverage of Hurricane Katrina. It is the sixth time the century-old award has gone to a Louisiana news organization.

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Skoloff named to lead video across AP's West region 4/15/19

Brian Skoloff, an Associated Press video journalist who has covered numerous big stories across the United States while training many text reporters on visual storytelling, has been appointed West deputy news director for video.

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