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Selling to seniors 4/16/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

When a reader has a good idea, it pays to listen.

A reader of The Herald Tribune in Batesville, Ind., asked the managing editor why the paper didn't list discounts for senior citizens on specials and services. The ME reported the conversation to Laura Welborn, regional publisher of Southeastern Indiana Media.

Why not, indeed? Welborn thought.

"A lot of times the seniors already know where the discounts are. They know to go to Waffle House on Tuesday nights," Welborn said. But targeting those discounts for regular advertising and grouping them together could be done with little expense.

In the next couple of weeks, The Herald Tribune, the Greensburg Daily News and Rushville Republican will launch Savvy Senior Savings, a classified advertising section that will tuck in behind the other classifieds for all print editions of the three newspapers. It will also be listed online.


Promoting a healthy business community 2/5/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

In outdoor-minded Traverse City, Mich., the Record-Eagle sponsors community activities that include the TC Trimdown weight-loss contest and a series of road runs among other health-related events. It also publishes a health and wellness magazine every other month, serving a community on the shores of Lake Michigan and Grand Traverse Bay that depends on tourism, especially in the summer.

So it wasn't a stretch for the newspaper to create "Healthy Community" advertising packages last year. "The financial health of our local businesses is very important as well," said Shawn Winter, director of advertising.

The goal was to sign up businesses for monthly packages that included every form of advertising the Eagle-Record offered at different price points depending on size. Winter said the businesses could reach every audience, try out forms of advertising that were new to them and do so on monthly budgets and contracts of six months or a year.


Leveraging a customer data platform to drive subscriber growth & diversify revenue 2/1/19

Customer data is the foundation for strategically planning, executing and optimizing audience growth and revenue diversification efforts. Unifying, analyzing and deploying all available customer intelligence to optimize a customer journey that is perfectly engineered for each individual – transporting that consumer efficiently from awareness to paid customer status – is essential to financial viability.

At the Mega-Conference, hear how GateHouse Media's investment in customer data is not only supporting digital subscription growth, but is impacting revenue diversification initiatives across the enterprise. Learn how The Dallas Morning News is leveraging marketing automation to fund and enrich digital transformation efforts by extending the print runway.


TownNews tips off turnkey college bracket contests 1/29/19

With football season winding down, sports fans nationwide are turning their attention to college basketball. The TownNews Bracket Challenge empowers local media sites – newspapers, TV stations, radio stations and magazines – to create digital college basketball bracket contests that turn local sports fans into loyal repeat visitors, driving audience engagement and advertising revenue.


Advertise team pride 1/29/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

When the New England Patriots went down 28-24 to the Kansas City Chiefs with 2:03 remaining in the NFC Championship Game, The Telegraph's Patriots Pride advertising promotion was looking uncertain. Last year's series of wrap sections and posters proved successful, but the Patriots hadn't been as strong this season and plans had been scaled back.

But when the team came back to win in overtime, the promotion was a go for the paper in Nashua, N.H., a Boston-area bedroom community that covers a strong part of New England's fan base.

So starting this past Sunday, The Telegraph is selling ads around posters of players inserted each day and posted on the website for downloading as part of the paper's E-Edition. On Saturday before the big game, the paper will run a four-page wrap around the regular eight-page A section. Should the Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, readers may expect to see a commemorative special section as well.


Stuff a last-minute sales stocking 12/11/18

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

As the holiday sales season comes down to the wire, here's a quick way to generate a little more revenue, make readers smile and sell some more papers.

The Bay City Tribune in Texas, which circulates about 4,000 papers twice weekly, filled up two full pages at Halloween with photos of kids in costume, got a major business to sponsor the promotion and made $500. There's no reason the same plan can't work with Santa Claus.


Last-minute deal: Three holiday sections for $100 total 11/13/18

GateHouse Media has a special last-minute deal for SNPA members. Only $100 for all three of its top-quality special holiday sections: Gift Guide, Cookbook and Entertaining, and Holiday songbook


North Carolina paper sells ads for elementary school folders 11/13/18

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

When elementary school children in Wilson, N.C., go home with communications folders for their parents, so do ads from The Wilson Times.

"Our advertisers love it, because it's not very often that we can give them an opportunity for something that will last so long. We give them visibility throughout the school year," said Shana Hoover, director of sales and marketing for The Times.

The promotion is in its second school year and was presented at a recent SNPA P2P video conference. The ad space sold out in a week, generating $6,455.


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