Key Executives Mega-Conference

The key to Next Generation loyalty

Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015


Today's work culture is experiencing an engagement epidemic of epic proportions. According to a recent Gallop poll, 70 percent of professionals are disengaged at work. And it's no secret that the Millennial generation are hitting the "restart" button on their careers at shorter intervals than ever before. In fact, 91 percent of Millennials expect to stay in a job less than three years and it's costing organizations up to $25,000 to replace a single Millennial employee.

Next Generation Loyalty is the subject of the opening session on Wednesday morning, Feb. 25, during the Key Executives Mega-Conference in Atlanta. 

Our presenter, Ryan Jenkins, an internationally recognized Millennial keynote speaker and author, says: "The culprit of this dwindling loyalty is lack of engagement. The solution is gamification."

He says, "Harnessing the characteristics that make games so engaging and infusing them into work culture will result in the transformative level-up needed to thrive tomorrow. And as for our competition's likelihood of wooing away your top talent, it's ... GAME OVER."

Attendees at this session of the Mega-Conference will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the Millennial generation.
  • Learn why games is the solution to re-engage employees.
  • Harness the five Cs of games to engage employees.
  • Receive actionable and practical strategies to create a culture that attracts Millennials and builds loyalty.
  • Bonus: Learn the five phases of managing change successfully. 

Jenkins is known for helping organizations and leaders gain clarity around the Millennial generation so they can effectively lead, communicate and brand in tomorrow's multi-generational marketplace.

He runs a blog and podcast at where he inspires audiences with practical next generation leadership, communication, branding and productivity advice.

Jenkins has shared the stage with fellow thought leaders from iconic brands like MTV, Facebook and Uber. And he is the author of the book "The GenEdge: How To Leverage Millennials With A Next Generation Mindset." (Get a free copy when you sign up for his blog updates.)


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