Cutting print: Making it work when publishing days must go


Reducing print days is often about cutting costs for immediate financial survival. A new report from the American Press Institute says a better approach is to make planned, proactive decisions about downscaling print as a step toward a long-term digital future.

Report highlights:

  • Reducing print publishing days should be one step in a gradual, carefully-planned transition to digital.
  • Deciding which print days to cut requires significant logistical and financial planning. That involves calculating cost savings; working with advertisers to shift ads to other days of the week; looking at reader habits; and deciding on subscription pricing.
  • Communicating with readers and advertisers is critical when eliminating print days. Publishers can use various tactics, from publishing articles, columns and ads, to holding meetings with community and business leaders and one-on-one chats with subscribers.
  • Newspapers cutting print must already have built a digital business that is based on a deep understanding of their audience. Time and resources saved by cutting print should be devoted to figuring out how to increase the value proposition for digital subscribers.

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