Austin American-Statesman launches area’s go-to tech site:


As Austin's technology industry and community have grown, so has the Austin American-Statesman's coverage of them, leading to the development and launch of the tech-focused site,

The new site delivers a range of rich, timely reports and insight from Statesman writers and other trusted technology publications. Lori Hawkins covers software companies, venture capital and delivers insights with her "Plugged In" column; Omar Gallaga is one of Texas' most trusted voices on personal technology, video gaming and other aspects of technology with his "Digital Savant" column; and Lilly Rockwell reports on the semiconductor industry, e-commerce and biotech companies as part of her "Tech Capital" column.

The site also features the latest and greatest updates on gadgets, technology culture, social media and events, along with extensive coverage of startups.

"In a city teeming with innovative companies and products, it's only fitting that the Statesman also strives to be innovative in how we deliver valuable content to our readers," said Susie Gray, Statesman publisher. "Die-hard techies and casual followers alike will appreciate the convenience of visiting for tech coverage from Statesman reporters."

"One of our intentions when developing was to create a hub where readers could find in-depth local technology news and talk about it – a sort of technology town center for Austin," said Barry Harrell, Statesman business editor. "We believe that with the abundance of technology stories to be told in our city and the caliber of our reporters telling those stories, will become the go-to site for Central Texas tech news."

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