Cox Enterprises launches COMET, a unified programmatic platform


Cox Enterprises Inc. has announced the launch of its latest technology investment, COMET (Cox Media Technology). COMET is a unified programmatic platform that connects buyers and sellers across all advertising channels, including desktop, mobile, video and TV. The platform brings value and efficiency to the transaction of media, backed by Silicon Valley engineering and proprietary data from Cox's dozens of companies.

COMET's programmatic platform leverages artificial intelligence and anti-fraud technology alongside datasets from Cox Automotive (Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader), Cox Communications and Cox Media Group to provide buyers and sellers with tools that increase return on investment (ROI). The technology powers the transaction of media across all advertising channels and in various formats, such as display, pre-roll video and OTT.

"Our company's investment in COMET is an example of our commitment to drive innovation and enhance the customer experience," said Cox Enterprises Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Alex Taylor. "COMET's technology will use customized data to establish meaningful connections to better serve the needs of the constantly evolving advertising ecosystem."

The holistic programmatic platform includes several proprietary technology features of note. COMET's on-going anti-fraud initiatives include real-time inventory quality checks for 100 percent of the impressions passing through the platform, managed both internally and by two independent verification services. COMET's FocalTM uses machine learning technology to simulate buy-side demand and test the performance of an impression in a live-market scenario. Additionally, COMET RadiusTM fills in missing impression data points and layers on additional information to every impression passing through the platform.

"COMET's offerings anticipate the evolving needs and demands of the programmatic marketplace," said Scott Siegler, COMET's president, general manager and SVP of engineering. "Our technology, combined with the powerful data available from across Cox Enterprises, vests radical value and efficiency in the hands of both publishers and ad buyers. In launching this platform, we're looking to create an ecosystem that supports the transaction of impressions across all advertising channels."

Siegler noted that this technology is available to properties beyond those owned by Cox Enterprises. He said, "COMET was created with the belief that advertisers and publishers should be able to leverage programmatic technology to work directly together and not go through umpteen middlemen. The platform was designed to support supply from all publishers, including Cox's own properties. We currently work with a range of publishers, and hope to empower peer newspapers like those in SNPA to capture programmatic ad spend as directly and maximally as possible, and allow them to return focus to what they do best: local publishing and journalism."

As the technology arm of Cox Enterprises, COMET also powers the Cox Innovation Lab. Businesses can leverage COMET's strategic business assets, specialized technology, engineering resources and research capabilities to develop superior technology solutions.

"The world of advertising is transforming before our eyes, and the necessity to support this evolving marketplace is expanding," said Duncan O'Brien, senior vice president and general manager of corporate strategy and investments for Cox Enterprises. "Cox is fusing technology with data, access and expertise to better serve the needs of the advertising ecosystem. We have a long, proud history in the media industry, and with COMET, we're using this experience and knowledge to best prepare for the future of the advertising business."

For more information about this technology, contact Cheryl Ng, vice president, programmatic:


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