Sales tools and donation widgets add to technology alliance program


NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces recent NEWSCYCLE Connect partnership agreements signed with CrowdRise, an online platform exclusive to charitable fundraising, and AdCellerant, a customizable proposal generation tool and recommendation engine for creating goal-based digital marketing and programmatic advertising campaigns. NEWSCYCLE Connect is an online portal for NEWSCYCLE add-ons, application program interfaces (APIs), software development kits (SDKs) and selected third-party solutions integrated into NEWSCYCLE platforms.

NEWSCYCLE offers each company's products and services to news media organizations worldwide.  

Recently signed NEWSCYCLE Connect partners include:

AdCellerant provides a sales enablement tool designed to help publishers produce intuitive and reliable programmatic advertising proposals in seconds. AdCellerant uses proprietary algorithms and forecasting data built into its recommendation engine for accurate reach projections and product blend suggestions specific to a client's industry, audience and location. For digital advertising campaigns, the AdCellerant application pulls in audience-based forecasting information from third-party sources (like Google) to generate proposals tied to an advertiser's goals and objectives.

CrowdRise allows editors and content creators to embed a customizable donation widget directly into news articles. The CrowdRise platform tracks and reports an audience's overall charitable impact in the marketplace and helps drive new cause-oriented consumers to news media websites. Publishers retain all audience data when donations are made through the CrowdRise platform.

Click to attend a live NEWSCYCLE webinar introducing AdCellerant.

Click to download a recorded webinar introducing CrowdRise.

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