NEWSCYCLE Mobile adds support for Over-the-Top technology


NEWSCYCLE Solutions is expanding its mobile product portfolio to include Over-the-Top (OTT) technologies, enabling news media companies to deliver content on-demand to online audiences. The new NEWSYCLE OTT offering supports Apple TV and Roku, and the company will be adding support for Amazon Fire this April, with Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV's and other set-top, plug-and-play and voice-activated devices following in the first half of 2017. 

"As large telecommunication and television companies acquire media brands to build digital audiences, especially younger generations, we developed an OTT experience that is a key differentiator from what we've seen come from other providers," said Wade Beavers, NEWSCYCLE's president of mobile. "We have accomplished this by providing alternative designs for how broadcast groups want to engage their users. They can choose a design that focuses on playlist type viewing, instant live view or content browsing." 

"The NEWSCYCLE Mobile OTT offering follows our recent announcement of a new mobile software platform that allows media companies to produce flash briefings on Amazon Alexa-powered smart-speaker devices," said Peter Marsh, NEWSCYCLE's vice president of marketing. The Amazon voice-activated platform is spreading into numerous devices in the market, with particular growth in the news media industry. Attendees at the recent CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nev., participated in demonstrations of over 1,100 Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. 

NEWSCYCLE's expansion into these new and emerging product technologies is the foundation for creating a central repository that can be used by broadcasters, newspapers, online publishers and radio stations. "Our goal is to take our highly-rated design experience and provide a one-stop shop that is easy for publishers to take advantage of," said Beavers. "It works for our clients in mobile, and it will work for them in all other distribution platforms as well." 

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) recently reported that smartphones and OTT devices like Apple TV and Roku are responsible for a sharp growth in digital video consumption, increasing by over 60 percent for the second consecutive quarter. Although desktop and laptops still account for over one-third of ad views, the increase in OTT usage is prompting advertisers to boost ad spend on these OTT platforms by 82 percent. As stated in FreeWheel's latest Video Monetization Report, "This is an important signal that ... consumers are committed to ad-supported video platforms, and that publishers can experience strong content consumption and monetization growth simultaneously." 



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