Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cross-training can help your paper accomplish more with less

P2P video conferences are designed for publishers (and are free)


The continuous-learning mindset that is taking place in the Creative Services Department of an SNPA member newspaper is not only helping the paper accomplish more with fewer resources, but it also is serving to increase employees' job satisfaction while eliminating churn and turnover.  This is helping the paper save on increasing costs of training and acclimating new employees.

Hear this paper's success story, receive a free copy of an Excel spreadsheet showing what the department is doing, and get more great tactical cost-cutting ideas during next Thursday's free Publisher-to-Publisher video conference call.  The call will be held Thursday, April 19, from 2-3 p.m. (EDT).

The price of admission: submit a successful cost-cutting idea from your newspaper by Friday, April 13. Publishers who submit an idea will gain access to the video conference and the entire collection of ideas submitted. Send one idea, get many more. But you need to act by the end of the week.

In submitting your idea, please give us:

  • A short description of your cost-cutting measure.
  • Results experienced at your paper, for example: how much money did you save and were there other positives that came out of this step?
  • Suggestions for other newspapers that want to take this idea and implement it.
  • Supporting materials that other newspapers would find helpful.
  • Contact name, number and email of the person who can provide more information, if another SNPA member has follow-up questions.

Edward VanHorn, executive director of SNPA, said: "These Third Thursday 'P2P' programs offer SNPA publishers a new opportunity to network with peers, without leaving their offices or incurring expense."

No budget?  No travel?  NO PROBLEM!

To register:

  • Send an email by April 13 to Edward VanHorn ( with the subject line: P2P.
  • Include the details listed above about at least one tactical cost-cutting measure that your newspaper has found successful.
  • Check your in box for instructions for joining the conference.

Here is a list of additional upcoming Third Thursday "P2P" conferences:

  • May 17 - Organizing your sales force
  • June 21 - Leveraging data to build audience and diversify revenue
  • July 19 - How your news coverage impacts your venue
  • Sept. 20 - Creating a digital agency
  • Oct. 18 - Revisiting your organizational structure
  • Nov. 15 - Diversifying revenue for success

Questions? Contact Edward VanHorn at (404) 256-0444 or


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