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Data Strategies that Build Audience and Diversify Revenue


SNPA will host a free video conference on "Leveraging Data to Build Audience and Diversify Revenue" on Thursday, June 21. To participate you must to sign up by June 15.

Tom Ratkovich, managing partner of LEAP Media Solutions, is the program moderator.

"Publishers are typically tasked with two massive and often conflicting challenges," Ratkovich says. "The first is to grow audience despite declining print circulation and proliferating digital content options. The second is to increase consumer revenue."

The June 21 "P2P" (Publisher-to-Publisher) program will explore the fundamentals of a tactical data strategy and its implications for audience growth and monetization. The program will demonstrate that a well-engineered data strategy will support audience growth and a range of strategic business imperatives – including the preservation of print revenue, digital subscription growth, revenue diversification and more.

SNPA's monthly P2P programs are free for SNPA members, but participants must sign up by June 15 and share basic information to help SNPA address specific audience needs. To be included in the conference and hear how other newspapers are growing audience with data:

  • Send an email by June 15 to Edward VanHorn ( with the subject line: P2P.
  • Include an overview of how your newspaper is currently gathering market data.  Examples include:

    • Circulation billing system (for example, Newscycle)
    • Paywall management platform (for example, Syncronex)
    • Web or e-newsletter registration database
    • Contest or promotion platform (for example, Second Street)
    • Data Management Platform (for example, Cxense)
    • E-commerce platform (for example, Magento)
    • Social media interface (for example,  Facebook)
    • Third-party data (for example, Acxiom)
    • Other
  • Provide the name, telephone number and email address of the person at your newspaper who can provide additional details if another SNPA member has follow-up questions.

SNPA members who participate in the video conference will receive a recording of the program and a compilation of the information that is presented.

No budget?  No travel?  NO PROBLEM!

SNPA P2P programs provide an effective networking vehicle for busy publishers – and eliminate the barriers of cost, travel and time away from the office.  We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities and let SNPA help you grow your business!

More Third Thursday "P2P" conferences are already on the calendar:

  • July 19 - How your news coverage impacts your revenue
  • Sept. 20 - Creating a digital agency
  • Oct. 18 - Revisiting your organizational structure
  • Nov. 15 - Diversifying revenue for success

Questions? Contact Edward VanHorn at (404) 256-0444 or



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