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How The Washington Post makes money from its competitors


Since Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos acquired the paper in 2013, the Washington Post has seen a significant turnaround in its fortunes, to the point where its online readership rivals that of the New York Times. But it's not just good journalism or advertising revenue that has helped the Post reach this position – the newspaper has also become a technology vendor.

The technology that the Post sells is the custom-built publishing system it uses to run its website and digital publishing operations, a piece of software known as Arc. Over the past year or so, a number of major publications have licensed the tool from the Post, including the group of newspapers formerly known as Tribune Publishing, now known as Tronc.

Tronc announced a deal to license Arc on Monday. It will start by integrating the Los Angeles Times, one of the company's flagship papers, and then roll the Post system out to the rest of its newspapers across the U.S.

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