Thursday, October 18, 2018

SNPA has ideas to grow your revenue


It's budget time. Looking for a way to grow revenue?   

SNPA is hosting a free video conference from 2-3 p.m. EST on Oct. 18 packed with successful revenue ideas.

The ROI is guaranteed. 

To participate, you must send in your most successful 2018 money-maker by Friday, Oct. 12.  You present your "home run" idea and you hear ideas from other papers. 

Newspapers that submit ideas will get login instructions on Oct. 15 and copies of the entire collection of ideas that are submitted by other newspapers after the video conference.

Send one idea, and you get many more back.

To be included and hear how other publishers are making money:

  • Send an email by October 12 to Edward VanHorn ( with the subject line: P2P.
  • Include details about your newspaper's top revenue-generating idea in 2018, materials that illustrate the idea, and the contact information of the person at your newspaper who can provide additional details if another SNPA member has follow-up question.
  • Check your inbox on Oct. 15 for instructions on how to join the conference.

No budget?  No travel?  NO PROBLEM!

There are no fees.  No travel.  No time away from the office.  Guaranteed pay off.  Don't sit this out!

Send your idea and let SNPA help you grow your business!

P2P, revenue


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