Newspapers, Rotary Clubs can be powerful partners, Whiting says


Content That Works has announced that Kid Scoop partner Vicki Whiting is scheduled to speak June 13 in Atlanta at the International Rotary Convention.

"Rotary Clubs and community newspapers are powerful partners. Rotarians are newspaper readers. Both newspapers and Rotarians believe in the importance of reading and being informed. For Rotarians, the partnership impacts education and lets them share with kids their own love of reading and community," said Vicki Whiting.

Her session, "Awaken the Magic of Reading," will show Rotarians how they can contribute to improving education, while building their brand in their communities, with the use of Kid Scoop.

"A community newspaper can help a local Rotary Club meet two of their objectives: (1) to get the Rotary name out there, tied to the club's good work and (2) contribute to improving education, which is a Rotary focus area," says Whiting.

Interested in learning more about Kid Scoop for your paper? Visit or contact Dan Dalton: or (909) 793-9890.

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