Who has liability? 1/24/17

The following Legal Hotline question was addressed by L. Michael Zinser of The Zinser Law Firm

Question: If I have contracted with a third-party vendor to be my company’s agent for COBRA notice purposes and that third party’s notice does not meet the requirements of COBRA, who has liability?

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Is there still a need for COBRA? 11/7/13

Response from Linda Rowings, chief compliance officer, United Benefit Advisors

The framers of PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) decided that COBRA should be available even after the health marketplaces become available primarily to avoid possible disruptions in care. They felt that COBRA beneficiaries, many of whom have significant health conditions, should be allowed to stay with their current health care providers if they chose to.


What are the rules for cancelling COBRA coverage for unpaid premiums? 8/29/13

Response from Benefit Development Group (a UBA partner)

Under COBRA, the plan must give COBRA enrollees a 30-day grace period to pay the premium. According to the Department of Labor, payment is considered to be made on the date it is sent to the plan.

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