Reserve a hotel room 7/10/19

The Key Executives Mega-Conference will be held at the Paris Las Vegas. Full details are available here about hotel accommodations.


McClatchy video series featured in Facebook's Watch 8/14/17

McClatchy has announced that Titletown, TX, the real-life, inside account of an elite Texas high school football team's journey for a sixth state championship in eight years, is being featured as part of Facebook's new Watch platform.

Watch is a place where people can find Shows, a new type of video on Facebook. Users can engage with a broader community and subscribe as new episodes are released each week. Facebook continues to roll out Watch to users and Titletown, TX can be found here:


Host a job fair online 10/3/13

By Jane Nicholes

There's revenue to be made with online job fairs. The last three events hosted by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram drew 41,000, 38,000 and 37,000 page views, respectively. The most profitable single event made $30,000 from 40 advertisers in 2011; the average is $15,000.

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