Real tools for combatting fake news 11/27/17

"Fake news" can impact the world of real news. During the 2018 Mega-Conference, hear how publishers have reacted to instances of "fake news" in their communities, as well as accusations that their real news is "fake."

The Mega-Conference will be held Feb. 26-28 in San Diego, Calif.

David Chavern, president and chief executive officer of the News Media Alliance, will be joined for this presentation by Travis Quast, publisher of the Twin Falls (Idaho) Times-News, and Tom Rosenstiel, executive director of The American Press Institute.

"Publishers are in the real news business," Chavern said, "but that doesn't mean they aren't impacted by the fake stuff."

He said, "There have been a number of unfortunate instances where communities have been torn apart by bad facts, and the local newspaper was called upon to react and pick up the pieces. In many other cases, publishers are barraged by accusations that their journalism is fake," he said.

Quast has first-hand knowledge of the impact that these situations can cause in a local community. The New York Times Magazine ran an article in September about exaggerated reports of a juvenile sex crime that brought a media maelstrom to Twin Falls, during the height of the 2016 elections. READ MORE

Rosenstiel says: "Battling misinformation and fake news involves having a continuing conversation with readers. To do it well, you need to know what people in your community are saying – what information they are talking about, wondering about and even sharing – that is erroneous and that you can correct for them."

Chavern said the panel will explore how real publishers have reacted to challenges and give attendees tools for coping in the future.

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