Taking back local advertising with targeted local niche guides 12/12/17

Gone are the days when publishers can safely depend on local businesses for recurring advertising spends, or someone selling their car would look to the newspaper first. Phil Pracht, product manager of TownNews.com, says; "It's time to confront these issues head-on, and pivot."

During a presentation on the Mega-Conference Solutions Stage in February, Pracht will be talking about local niche guides, which he says "offer an exciting opportunity to take back SMBs in a way that's unique and, more importantly sustainable."

The Mega-Conference will be held Feb. 26-28 in San Diego, Calif.

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TownNews.com expands line-up with acquisition of Calkins Digital OTT suite 12/11/17

The addition of Calkins Digital’s best-in-class over-the-top video technology empowers TownNews.com partners to deliver content directly to Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS and Android devices.


TownNews.com launches data-backed user engagement engine 4/5/17

by Aaron Gillette, TownNews.com

iQ Engage mobilizes audience data to help web publishers increase time on site, pageviews and ad revenue while slashing bounce rates.

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