Newspapers urged to participate in campaign to promote participation in our democracy 7/30/19

The Purple Project for Democracy, which launched earlier this month, is seeking content partners to promote civic-and media-literacy content for Americans of all ages.

"Purple is not about politics – not even a little bit," said Bob Garfield, co-host of NPR's Award-Winning "On The Media," and co-founder of Purple. The idea is to inform Americans about the history and role of our democracy and why it's important for them to participate in it.


Are we safe? New project examines North Carolina's fears and concerns 4/16/19

Throughout this year, journalists at The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) and The Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.) will examine the concept of safety and security in the Triangle and throughout North Carolina by looking beyond the traditional lens of crime. The papers are inviting readers to be part of this process.

In launching the project, the papers asked readers: "What keeps you up at night? We're listening, and we'll use your comments and input to report on real risks, hold leaders and politicians accountable – and explore how we can become our own best watchdogs."

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