Court overturns FCC changes in media-ownership rules 9/24/19

A federal appeals court threw out changes to media ownership rules approved by the Federal Communications Commission in 2017, saying the agency should have looked more closely at potential impacts on minority ownership.

In its ruling Monday, the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said it agreed with public-interest groups that “the Commission did not adequately consider the effect its sweeping rule changes will have on ownership of broadcast media by women and racial minorities.”

The Philadelphia-based court said it would vacate and remand “the bulk of” the FCC’s actions over the last three years for further consideration by the agency.


Family ownership: unique problems and solutions 9/25/17

By Steve Gray, vice president of strategy and innovation, Morris Communications

Family ownership of a media company or any other kind of company can be a beautiful thing. But it has its own unique challenges and solutions.

These are rarely discussed in the open, either inside the company or at industry conferences. But there's a whole world of solutions and best practices available for family owners, if you know where to find them.

If you're a member of an owning family, or if you work for a family-owned company, Steve Gray's latest blog post may help you see where to look.


Are you ready to move from manager to owner? 10/28/16

By Lewis Floyd, senior associate, WB Grimes & Co.

When you sign the back of a check you are a manager working for someone else who takes the risks, whereas if you become the owner you are accepting the risks of failure or success, but you will proudly be signing the front of your checks.

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