The Tyler Loop: Growing membership with events and newsletters 7/29/19

By Ebony Reed, director of innovation and the RJI Futures Lab

In a small town with slightly more than 100,000 people, known for its annual rose festival, news site The Tyler Loop is growing a membership model with events and a newsletter to collaborate, not compete with, other local news organizations.


Video as revenue: Start with listening 7/15/19

Alabama Media Group launched Red Clay Media in 2017 as a video-driven revenue stream. It began with videos created in the newsroom that inspired engagement from their readers. Today it is a thriving video arm with three distinct brands that focus on feel good, inspirational and comedic southern content.

Kat Duncan spoke with Elizabeth Hoekenga Whitmire, senior director of audience development for Alabama Media Group and Red Clay Media, to learn more about how they've conquered what many newsrooms are still struggling with – making money with video content.


SNPA welcomes new members, including first digital-only member 8/29/13

During last Friday's SNPA board meeting in Richmond, new members were approved: our first digital-only member, an individual member, and nine new research and development partners.


Best Twitter practices for journalists 6/17/13

By Alecia Swasy and David Wolfgang

To help newsrooms develop their social media strategies, the Reynolds Journalism Institute has compiled a "Twitter Best Practices Guide," based on interviews, scholarly research and Twitter's own tips for journalists.

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