Selling to seniors 4/16/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

When a reader has a good idea, it pays to listen.

A reader of The Herald Tribune in Batesville, Ind., asked the managing editor why the paper didn't list discounts for senior citizens on specials and services. The ME reported the conversation to Laura Welborn, regional publisher of Southeastern Indiana Media.

Why not, indeed? Welborn thought.

"A lot of times the seniors already know where the discounts are. They know to go to Waffle House on Tuesday nights," Welborn said. But targeting those discounts for regular advertising and grouping them together could be done with little expense.

In the next couple of weeks, The Herald Tribune, the Greensburg Daily News and Rushville Republican will launch Savvy Senior Savings, a classified advertising section that will tuck in behind the other classifieds for all print editions of the three newspapers. It will also be listed online.

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