Why the Sunday print edition still reigns supreme for publishers 5/2/17

Sean Stroh, a Millennial who works for Editor & Publisher, writes: "It's Sunday morning, and I'm getting ready to read the news, but I'm not picking up my cell phone or booting up my laptop. I'm picking up my hefty 100-plus page Sunday edition of my local newspaper.

"As someone you would consider a millennial, you might find it hard to believe that's how I choose to spend my Sunday mornings. Of course, since we no longer have to wait for the news of the world to come solely from the pages of a newspaper, and consequently, we seem to be busier than ever before, why spend what precious time we have with them?

"Though I was never able to witness the golden age of newspapers, I can now attest to something else that still remains quite special – the Sunday newspaper experience."

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Be your buyer to determine your selling price 8/2/16

By Lewis Floyd, senior associate, W.B. Grimes & Co.

Almost every owner has a selling price he or she would like for the business, including publishers. The publishing industry has used many methods to determine a publication's value; the most common method now used is a multiple of cash flow. However, often sellers set a price by what their business is worth to them, and sometimes it is based on what they need, which is rarely related to the value.


What's your exit strategy? 3/24/15

By Lewis Floyd, senior associate, W.B. Grimes & Company

There are several steps publishers can take to potentially increase the value of their publication in a sale. Putting these into action over a 3-5 year period should set the stage for a smooth and rewarding transaction.

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