Targeting the spenders 10/17/17

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

Even a successful publication needs retooling now and then, and that's what's happening with her™, a magazine published by the Telegraph Herald in Dubuque, Iowa.

Currently, her™ is inserted into the newspaper eight times a year and specialized issues are published separately twice a year. The magazine is also placed in 300 high-traffic areas such as restaurants, health clubs, spas and office waiting rooms.


Nicole McMullin selected for new position of online brand director 5/9/17

Publisher Tom Silvestri has named Nicole McMullin the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch's online brand director. She will be tasked as the master collaborator in executing company-endorsed priorities that advance the paper's online business and improve the digital customer experience.


Can employee who is requesting additional leave under the FMLA be terminated? 6/23/15

The following Legal Hotline question was addressed by Hagood Tighe of Fisher & Phillips
Question: We have an employee who has exhausted his FMLA leave. He cannot return to work yet, but says that he should be able to return soon. He is requesting three more weeks of leave. Can we terminate him and hire a replacement since his FMLA is exhausted?

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Legal Hotline launched for SNPA members: (844) 804-2016 5/12/15

SNPA has launched a free Legal Hotline for members – (844) 804-2016 – to assist newspapers with a broad range of legal issues.

Hotline attorneys and CPAs will tackle questions about circulation, independent contractors, labor and employment law, taxes, finances and accounting, employment benefits, open records, libel and privacy, and other issues newspapers encounter.

The attorneys and CPAs who will take calls from SNPA member newspapers are the best in the business: The Bussian Law Firm PLLC, Fisher & Phillips, Way, Ray, Shelton & Co., P.C. and The Zinser Law Firm.


Are you ready for journalism education without 'journalism'? 1/19/15

By Doug Fisher, University of South Carolina

I fear journalists may have become so used to the surplus of bright, young talent that they are inured to what is happening. But the table is being set in some places to remove "journalism" from journalism education.


Goodbye to two old friends 9/4/13

By Doug Fisher, University of South Carolina

I'd like to take a moment to mark the passing of two old journalism friends.

These aren't people, but publications of note from two noteworthy figures in journalism and journalism education.


Why we must write more concisely 8/1/13

By Doug Fisher, University of South Carolina

Journalists still do too much writing as if the reader will lean back with "the paper" in an easy chair. We have to change. Even our "print" writing will benefit.


There's an app for calculating certain FMLA leave 6/19/13

Calculating FMLA leave can be challenging for employers, but now there is a free tool that makes the calculation simple – an app for tablets and smart phones.

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