Digital companies go print 7/15/19

By Leonard Woolsey, president and publisher, The Galveston County Daily News

Print is dead? The future is all digital? Don't tell that to a growing group of digital-based businesses who are successfully making inroads into the print magazine field.

Stop apologizing for your analog product and get your head in the game.


Small staff on a huge story 5/23/18

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

It began with a phone tip to The Galveston County Daily News.

"Early on Friday morning we got a call from a person who we know as a source and who trusts us that there were going to be gunshot casualties coming to an area hospital and that they were coming from the high school in Santa Fe," said Editor Michael Smith.

"This is somebody that we know absolutely to be a credible source and was in a position to know. We started mobilizing the staff from there, sending people to the emergency room and to the school. We were there shortly after the first responders."

Since then, the local paper with a staff of five news reporters, three photographers and an IT person who used to be a photographer has been covering the mass shooting alongside the Houston Chronicle, The Washington Post, New York Times and Los Angeles Times, among other large news organizations. "It's been all Santa Fe, all the time for the last few days," Smith said.


Covering the unthinkable 5/22/18

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

Two weeks after 17 people died in the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., Julie Anderson joined the South Florida Sun Sentinel as editor-in-chief. In her first conversation with her managing editor, Anderson asked how the staff was doing.

"Really be mindful that your reporters and your editors are going to be traumatized," Anderson said. "Maybe not all of them, but they're first responders, too."

She offers the following tips to other newspapers that have to deal with school shootings and other mass casualty events:


Galveston paper uses in-house ads to ask readers to get involved 4/16/18

The Galveston County Daily News is running a series of ads calling on its readers to contact the governor, their U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative to help fight the newsprint tariff that is being imposed on newspapers across the country.

And, in an editorial published at the end of March, the paper's editorial board outlined how these tariffs will hurt readers. "Newspapers are vital to the communities they serve. Everyone relies on a newspaper to tell the local stories, both good and bad. We report on city and county governments, schools, crime, sports, weddings, anniversaries, births and obituaries.

"Nobody else reports on our community with the depth and breadth of this newspaper – but it's not an easy business, and these tariffs will make it even harder."

In a recent news article The Daily News noted that newspapers across the country are finding supplies short and prices spiking.

To meet these challenges, the paper told readers that they may start noticing a few changes "to navigate this period of great disruption."


The Galveston County Daily News names new advertising director 5/8/17

The Galveston County Daily News (Galveston, Texas) has announced the promotion of Debbie Keith to advertising director.


Southern Newspapers: An 'unabashedly print-centric company' 3/14/17

By Leonard Woolsey, publisher, The Galveston County Daily News

Southern Newspapers, Inc., like other newspaper companies, decided to pivot resources into new areas of opportunity when traditional newspaper revenues came under stress. Unlike others, the pivot involved investing in new, valuable print products.

The result now drives nearly $5 million in annual magazine revenue through the company's 15 print properties.

"We are an unabashedly print-centric company," said Leonard Woolsey, publisher of The Galveston County Daily News.


User guidelines keep discussions civil on newspaper's website 3/8/16

Open discussion of issues is important to the general public. It's also important that newspapers have clear guidelines for those dialogues. View the guidelines set in place by the Galveston County Daily News.


Galveston's momentous piece of history 4/20/15

By Jane Nicholes

A magazine commemorating Juneteenth, the end of slavery after the Civil War, required a second printing by the Galveston County Daily News.


Want to engage readers? Check out their closets 12/16/14

By Jane Nicholes

You know you want to peek! Closet Confidential features one local person from Galveston -- and her closet -- each month. A few times, that person has been a man; then, the feature changes to "Sharp-dressed Man."


Giveaway has everyone talking about where they would go on their dream vacation 8/19/14

By Sean Ireland, Special to the SNPA eBulletin

A highly successful contest to win a $3,000 vacation package generated 900 new circulation actions and $20,000 in revenue from new starts and reactivations of lapsed subscriptions.

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