Digital transformation: Keeping up with the consumer shopping revolution 2/27/18

By Laura Cole, vice president, marketing, Vivial

Time certainly does things. Remember when making a purchase meant seeing commercials for a product, scouring print ads and then visiting the store to buy a product? That was all before technology took over. The reality is that the digital transformation has had a huge impact on how we live, play, do business and shop for products and services.

Today, the average consumer references 10 sources before making a purchase (Google, 2017), and 67 percent of a consumer's purchase journey is done digitally.


Rock the digital revolution with a great marketing platform 11/27/17

Navigating the digital revolution can feel like sailing through uncharted – and sometimes stormy – waters. Finding the time, knowledge base, skill set and resources to support a much broader spectrum of marketing channels for your customers is, and can be prohibitive for many.

"Over the past decade, a rapid evolution in technology has caused immense change in consumer behavior, requiring media outlets to not only maintain traditional marketing channels, but add new ones at an ever-increasing pace," says Laura Cole, vice president of marketing for Vivial.

During a presentation on the Solutions Stage at the Mega-Conference, she will show "how adding a great marketing platform to an existing product portfolio will provide a way to protect and generate revenue, and ultimately rock the digital revolution."

The Mega-Conference will be held Feb. 26-28 in San Diego, Calif.

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