WashPost Opinions launches new longform journalism initiative 3/18/19

On Sunday, The Washington Post launched The Opinions Essay, a new longform storytelling initiative from the Opinions section that will publish regularly online and in print. Featuring engaging graphics, extensive analysis and unique insights, the essays will allow readers to go in-depth on a range of topics including politics, foreign policy, health and more.


The Boston Globe asks newspapers to publish editorials calling for action to protect free press 8/14/18

A free and independent press is one of the most sacred principles enshrined in the Constitution.


Spartanburg editor Michael Smith offers three opinion page tips 3/13/17

By Tim Schmitt, project manager, GateHouse Media

Here are three takeaways from the executive editor of the Spartanburg Herald-Journal from a recent GateHouse Professional Development Series presentation he gave on keeping your opinion page as engaging as possible.

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