SNPA-Inland Annual Meeting

What we learned from the Digital Subscriptions Lab

Ken Harding, PJ Browning, Mark Medici and Ben Monnie
Ken Harding, PJ Browning, Mark Medici and Ben Monnie

The Digital Subscriptions Lab was a six-month program at a select group of newspapers of various sizes to find a sustainable business model for the newspaper industry.

Hear what came out of this partnership between FTI Consulting, the Google News Initiative and Local Media Association during the SNPA-Inland Annual Meeting, to be held Oct. 6-8 in Chicago.

Our presenters will be Ken Harding, senior managing director, FTI Consulting Inc.; PJ Browning, president, Newspaper Division, Evening Post Publishing, Charleston, S.C.; Mark Medici, president, Houston Chronicle, and chief marketing officer, Hearst Newspapers; and Ben Monnie, director, global partnership, Google.

They will be discussing the mix of quantitative and qualitative market research that the Lab amassed, and what was found in examining existing and potential reader segments to better understand the addressable market, readers' willingness to pay and more.

At the time of its launch, FTI called the Lab a "unique, strategic partnership that will provide publishers with the opportunity to learn from each other and enable us to develop a new digital subscription model blueprint for the entire industry."

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