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Print is dead? The future is all digital? Don't tell that to a growing group of digital-based businesses who are successfully making inroads into the print magazine field.  

In May 2017, travel service Airbnb successfully launched a lifestyle/experience print magazine. Doing so allowed the company to expand its reach and create a valuable – and profitable – outlet in the analog world. The digital player discovered the tool to a remarkable opportunity to connect and tell stories in a powerful way, as well as provide advertising opportunities the digital field could not deliver.  

Currently Uber is getting in the magazine business, as is dating site Bumble. And how about the famous HGTV couple from Waco, Texas, touting the brand Magnolia? Chip and Joanna have now put their unique name on a quarterly magazine, one of the hottest on the market with readers and advertisers.   

What does this tell you? That print is not dead – far from it. Highly capitalized companies are now using print to effectively tell stories, expand the brand, build emotional connections and drive valuable profits.  

Stop apologizing for your analog product and get your head in the game. Your magazine model is suddenly (or always was) one of your best opportunities to accomplish the same objectives as these big digital players. Now go take it.  

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