Greensheet Media selects ProImage NewsWay-X Workflow


Texas-based Greensheet Media, a weekly shopper with 19 zones and a total weekly circulation of 650,000, recently upgraded its production workflow with ProImage browser-based, HTML 5 compliant NewsWay-X.

NewsWay-X monitors production status from origination to print sites, regardless of their locations. The ease of use to access it from anywhere on the network helps Greensheet Media efficiently manage workflow. As Pre-Press Manager Brian Dill comments: "One of the key arguments for selecting NewsWay-X was the ability to run the system from a virtualized server and having multiple user login-ins without worrying about what Java version to run. We also like that NewsWay-X runs on one server and is browser-friendly."

Besides the fact that there is no reliance on Java Script, the NewsWay-X dashboard is designed to save valuable time for print plant managers allowing them to see the status of their entire production with a single glance. It is another key feature that appealed tremendously to Greensheet Media's production team. Dill cited as benefits "the ease of new pub creation, being able to monitor all pubs and plates created just by log in at my desk, and being able to see all production jobs from a single screen."

NewsWay-X is highly modular and is packaged as a core product with multiple add-on modules. This permits various combinations of tools and services to address specific customer requirements. As in the case of Greensheet Media, page pairing, color proofing, soft proofing and imposition will be used. Especially the soft proofing found the customer's approval, citing it being "more advanced" than the old system and having "enhanced features that were not possible with their older system."

The company also saw a financial aspect to the change. Greensheet now needs only one server to run NewsWay-X and all end users can use their current computers, eliminating two RIP stations and two PC stations for proofing pages.

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