Kingsport paper cuts expenses with ProImage's ink saving software


ProImage recently installed its ink-saving solution "OnColor ECO SaaS" at the Kingsport (Tenn.) Times News. The newspaper's goal was to reduce ink cost and improve color reproduction quality.

During the evaluation process, the Times News was looking at similar products but was impressed by the positive results from existing OnColor ECO users. OnColor ECO is an ink optimization application that reduces ink consumption while maintaining the highest possible print quality. OnColor ECO SaaS processes color PDF files over the web and returns them containing substantially less ink while retaining their original color. 

The Kingsport Times News reports an approximate 1,000-pound shift from color ink usage to black ink usage plus savings of 400 pounds of each ink color per month. This results in an approximate saving of $1,100 per month; net of the cost of OnColor ECO SaaS service. This reduces the paper's plate production costs by $0.11 per square foot based on 10,000 square feet per month. Besides the tremendous savings, print quality also improved. Tim Archer, vice president of operations at the Times News reports "crisper images, less rub-off and improvements on press starts with cleaner press start-ups."

In addition, the paper reports a seamless integration of OnColor ECO into its workflow with simple in and out folders being one of the highlights. The staff at the Kingsport Times News finds the service very easy to use, setup and operate. Archer said, "ProImage engineers were very helpful and quick to respond to any questions."

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