Media Reset

A 'Big-J' journalism project for resource-strapped newsrooms


It's an article of faith in the local media business: High-quality content is our trump card in the high-stakes business of attracting and monetizing digital audiences.

But how much of that high-quality content do we really produce? And how much of it really has the huge audience pulling-power we need?

It's the same answer for both questions: Not nearly enough.

Day in and day out, little "Big-J" journalism is created in most newsrooms. The large majority of what we like to call "quality content" tends to be fairly routine coverage of fairly routine community events, government meetings and crime.

This is nothing new. Newsrooms have always tended to focus on the standard fare of community life as the most dependable means of generating enough content for a day's news budget.

Read the rest of this column for a great idea newspapers in every community could do.



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