Strategic partnership opens new doors for local newspapers


AdCellerant has been selected as a preferred partner solution by The Local Media Consortium, a strategic partnership of leading local media companies. AdCellerant is an ad technology and digital marketing services provider, specializing in programmatic display, mobile, tablet, video, native, email and search marketing campaigns for local media companies. LMC membership includes more than 75 local media companies and more than 1,700 digital news properties.

"The AdCellerant Platform has opened new opportunities for LMC members resulting in double-digit digital growth rate improvements," said Rusty Coats, CEO of the LMC. "It's our mission to partner with companies like AdCellerant to help our members grow their share of available digital ad dollars. This partnership already has proven successful with a number of our members."

In a case study featured recently on an LMC member webinar, Forum Communications, a member and media firm based in Fargo, N.D., demonstrated the power of these partnerships. The forum has produced thousands of strategic, goal-based digital agency proposals since it started its partnership with AdCellerant, doubling its business from AdCellerant since the beginning of 2017.

"At Forum Communications Company, we focus on generating results for our clients by partnering with best-in-class technology and service providers to bring goal- and performance-based digital marketing campaigns to our local client base," said Aaron Becher, director of advertising operations at Forum Communications Company. "Forum Communications Company is the leader in local media within our markets, onboarding and executing incremental digital marketing products for our local clients is a natural and crucial evolution of how we serve our local advertisers."

AdCellerant is focused on making quality digital marketing available to every business. AdCellerant has built a proprietary platform,, that helps media companies create a digital marketing plan/campaign that is based on industry, budget and campaign goals. Within a single user interface, media companies can also book the campaign and view advanced reporting modules. AdCellerant works with publishers to reduce operating cost, media and execution costs saving time and money, while still driving a strong return on investment.

"The partnership between the Local Media Consortium and AdCellerant brings two like-minded organizations together focused on helping LMC members create new, incremental, long-standing business models for their local advertising clients," said Brock Berry, CEO of AdCellerant. "Together we can help reinforce and strengthen the local news industry helping to ensure quality local journalism is here to stay."

AdCellerant, Local Media Consortium
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