Lineup Systems unveils Adpoint Workflow to simplify complex advertising processes

Adpoint Workflow reduces order processing time and increases operational efficiencies for media companies


Lineup Systems has introduced Adpoint Workflow to simplify complex advertising workflows for media companies selling multimedia advertising. Adpoint Workflow systemizes and maps order-to-billing business processes, reducing order processing times and increasing operational efficiencies.

Today's media companies handle complex, multimedia orders that require numerous authorizations and involve multiple team members. Manual tasks and authorization processes often delay or prevent orders from being processed. To solve this issue, Lineup Systems designed Adpoint Workflow to automate redundant, manual tasks based on pre-defined standard operating procedures, enabling media companies to quickly and accurately process orders.

Adpoint Workflow automatically applies rules and transitions to orders that do not require manual intervention, allowing advertising sales teams to focus on managing orders that are complex or custom, and typically generate more revenue. It also alerts management of stalled orders and enables media companies to identify bottlenecks in their processes, ensuring orders are processed in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.

Additionally, Adpoint Workflow enables sales management to increase accountability across their team by establishing escalation rules that automatically alert them during significant transitions. This improves response times to important requests and enhances customer service.

"By clearly defining and automating standard operation procedures, advertising sales and delivery teams can better understand their responsibilities and the steps involved in processing an order accurately and efficiently," said Louis Cicio, president of Lineup Systems North America. "Adpoint Workflow is proven to increase collaboration among team members and enhance productivity for media companies."

For more information about Adpoint workflow view this demo video. To arrange a personalized demo, contact

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