AP to fact-check video, Spanish-language content on Facebook


The Associated Press is expanding its robust efforts to debunk false and misleading information, including in video and Spanish-language content appearing on Facebook.

With a focus on Spanish-language text, photos and video seen by a U.S. audience, AP will debunk misinformation and publish corresponding fact checks in Spanish. AP is the first fact-checker in Facebook's program to focus on content consumed by Spanish speakers in the U.S.

In addition, AP will build on the domestic and international video fact checks it has produced over the past year, leveraging its extensive experience in verifying user-generated content and third-party video, and using AP's vast video archive as a resource.

AP will also continue to debunk English-language misinformation appearing on Facebook.

The collaboration with Facebook supplements the independent global news agency's broader fact-checking efforts, which have been underway for decades.

"We have been talking with Facebook about how AP's fact-checking can be the most impactful on their platform. The result is this dedicated effort to use the full newsgathering and reporting reaches of the AP to catch misinformation as early as possible and debunk it, whether it's in another language or another format," said Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Sally Buzbee. "Facts are the cornerstone of AP's mission, and we remain committed to advancing the power of fact-based reporting everywhere we can."

AP began working with Facebook in December 2016 to debunk fraudulent stories circulating on the platform, and in 2018 fact-checked political misinformation circulating at the local, state and national levels leading up to the U.S. midterm elections.

For decades AP has consistently provided its member news organizations and customers with nonpartisan fact checks that objectively examine the claims of politicians and government and other officials.

A not-for-profit news cooperative, AP has long set the industry standard for accuracy and ethics in journalism through its rigorous code of News Values and Principles and through the AP Stylebook, which is used by news organizations around the world.

"As part of their work to review potentially false content on Facebook, AP will be doubling down in two new areas this year: Spanish-language content and video-based misinformation," said Meredith Carden, head of news integrity partnerships at Facebook. "AP is among our 47 certified fact-checking partners who review content in 23 languages around the world and share our goal of stopping the spread of misinformation on our platform."

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