Brainworks CircSmart eliminates 23 hours from EO Media's mail processes

"With Brainworks CircSmart, we have streamlined our mail processes to cut 24 hours down to one hour per week." - Samantha Stinnett, circulation & systems operations at EO Media


Brainworks Software customer EO Media Group is a family-owned group of small newspapers, websites and other communication entities based in Oregon and Washington. With more than 11 newspapers and 25 active users of Brainworks CircSmart, EO Media was looking for a solution to cut hours during the mailing process and track more accurate data with its high volume mail subscription base.

With mail subscriptions all done by hand and high inbound volume, EO Media Group staff struggled to maintain accuracy across the board. A major challenge was the inability to properly match up the correct pre-prints to the correct subscribers.

Using Brainworks Pre-Print Integration, EO Media now has the ability for all pre-prints entered into the advertising system to be fully integrated into the circulation system to provide on demand forecast by adzone and distribution type (home delivery, single copy and mail).

With Brainworks Pre-Print Integration, EO Media has been able to cut mail list processing down from an average of 24 hours to just one hour per week. EO Media is now better able to handle the high volume of mail subscriptions and has become more efficient in matching the right inserts to the right mail packages.

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