Your SNPA membership includes a path to Google certifications


If you missed the webinar that outlined how employees of SNPA member newspapers can take part in free Google certification programs, here's an overview of the different Google paths/tracks that are available.  This is just one more benefit of your SNPA membership!

This certification process is being coordinated by AdCellerant, an ad tech/digital marketing/managed-solutions startup based in Denver, Colo., and SNPA member.  AdCellerant is a premier Google partner.

Option #1 - Google Certification for SNPA Members

Academy for Ads: Google offers a number of different learning paths. The "Get Started with AdWords Search" is good place to start to learn the basics. It's broken up into 5-minute segments and maps well to the AdWords Search certification exam.

Certify across several different tracks including:

AdWords Certification examsThe AdWords certification exams are accessed the same way as the Digital Sales Exam. There are separate exams & certifications for Search, Mobile, Display, Video and Shopping.

Option #2 - Custom Google Learning Path - (Project Crossfit)

Project Crossfit: This is a learning circuit that includes an AdWords knowledge assessment test (Google Fit Test), followed by customized learning materials. There are separate paths/tracks for Sales Reps vs. Account Managers.  This would be more of an intermediate option

Option #3 - Access to Google/AdCellerant ongoing webinars

Webinar live streams & recorded videos: AdCellerant typically hosts 3-4 live webinars / month in collaboration with Google, meant for both sales and account managers.  This is more technical, and more specific to the AdWords platform – could be more of an advanced curriculum.

Should you have specific questions about the certification process, please reach out to:

Google, AdCellerant
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